American Safe Guard

The newest technology available in outdoor enclosure screen.

Best Choice!

American Safe Guard is the best choice, and the best value, for any pool, patio or porch screen enclosure.
Until now, consumers wanting to enclose their pools or porches had only one choice: fiberglass screens. The frustrations caused by fiberglass screens can be endless: repeated tearing, puncturing, and breaking down due to sun exposure, pets, or falling debris. Even mildew growth, caused by a poor quality material, can add to the too-frequent, and often costly, repairs and replacements.

Luckily, the days of weak and brittle fiberglass enclosures are over. Twitchell Corporation, a leader in the textile industry, has incorporated the newest technology in enclosure fabric manufacturing to create a revolutionary new outdoor screen. Unmatched quality, durability … and the longest warranty on the market … make American Safe Guard the preferred choice for new or replacement screen enclosures. This exceptionally strong fabric will change the way you look at enclosure screens.

Ordinary fiberglass screens harden and become brittle from continued exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays. Weakened fiberglass fabric is easily punctured by pets, stray golf balls, or falling debris. Even a strong gust of wind can easily tear weathered fiberglass.
American Safe Guard will not tear easily. Unlike fiberglass fabric, American Safe Guard fabric is made of a tough, polyester core yarn coated with a durable, long lasting PVC coating. Therefore, American Safe Guard retains its strength three times longer than fiberglass screens. And if you have ever had problems with mildew, there is no comparison to fiberglass. And if you have ever had problems with mildew, there is no comparison to fiberglass.

American Safe Guard has a biocide compound that makes it resistant to mildew, so it will retain its beauty years longer and remain safe for your family’s health. The UV-tolerant properties of American Safe Guard help retain its color and strength by resisting, even eliminating, the bleaching, flaking, and fading that are common in sun-exposed fiberglass screens.

To demonstrate its strength, 900 pounds of added weight stacked on a suspended section of cage screen did not tear or burst American Safe Guard. Its 18% heavier weight and construction make it more than twice as strong as the leading fiberglass fabric. Its ball burst strength is even stronger – – over 300% compared to fiberglass. A recent weathering test proves the unmatched durability of American Safe Guard. After a simulation of seven years of weather damage, American Safe Guard remained three times stronger than new fiberglass. And, during the test, American Safe Guard lost only 1% of its original strength. This means that when you invest in American Safe Guard, you can be sure that you are getting the absolute strongest and most durable enclosure screen available. You may never have to re-screen again.

Lively children, playful pets, stray golf balls, strong storms: life can certainly send things your way that are potentially damaging to your enclosed patio or pool. Imagine the comfort that will come from knowing that your investment in American Safe Guard will resist the everyday hazards that are sent its way.

We are so confident in the strength and durability of American Safe Guard that we offer a 10-year limited warranty. The leading fiberglass screen is warranted for only 1-3 years, with an expected life span of just 3-6 years.

Because American Safe Guard can last more than 10 years, even up to 20 years, investing in American Safe Guard can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs, as well as a lot of trouble caused by frequent replacements that can occur with fiberglass screens. In the long run, American Safe Guard can save you money. Here is an example of what you could save over a 9-20 year period. For a medium size pool cage of 1,600 square feet, in 3-7 years after purchasing a fiberglass screen, you could have to spend nearly $1,700.00 to replace it. American Safe Guard replacement cost within the same 3-7 year period would be ZERO. After 20 years of ownership of a fiberglass screen enclosure, you could have to replace the screen three times, costing nearly $5,000, for fiberglass replacements. Again, the cost with American Safe Guard is ZERO.

A larger fiberglass screen enclosure, of 10,000 square feet, could cost you $10,000 or more to replace every 3-7 years. With American Safe Guard you would have no replacement expense. The cost is ZERO. Therefore, over a 9-20 year period you could save $30,000 … and, with inflation, much more. You will love the peace of mind that comes with owning American Safe Guard. It is a worry-free investment.

Quality. Durability. Beauty. And Value.

Its easy to see why American Safe Guard is the screen the lasts, and lasts, and lasts.